Our Story

Having lived outside the continent of Africa for some time, we discovered how little the world knew about the beautiful land we call home. Some still think Africa is a dark continent with little civilization. Some think it is just a jungle. Some wanted to visit Africa but had no idea where to start. Huyai was concieved through different interactions we had with people who wanted to know more about Africa.

Our small team is based out of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Huyai - The Name

Huyai is Shona for come visit. Shona is the language spoken mainly in the southern African country of Zimbabwe.

Meet The Team

Freeman Chari
Freeman cares deeply about Africa. He cares a lot about the development of Africa as a continent. His vision is for an Africa that is full of opportunity and wealth. Apart from mapping the general direction of Huyai, Freeman is also involved in building the technology that powers Huyai.
Josephine Mukoroyi
Head Of Sales And Marketing
Josephine is our analytics and business intelligence hog. She uses these skills to scale our business. She holds a degree in Computer Science.
Dr Moreangels Mbizah
Business Development Manager - Africa
Moreangels is wildlife conservationist based in Zimbabwe. She has a PhD in Zoology from the University of Oxford. She oversees all our ground operations in Africa.